* Teeth cleaning, scaling , polishing & whitening in 2 sessions for only 60 OMR

 * Hollywood smile offer for 80 OMR only per tooth Veneer

 * 25% on all other medical consultations 

 * 10% on lab investigations.

Dr. M.S. Sobeh (MBChB (UK), FRCS (Eng. & Ed.), FRCS (Gen.) CCST (UK) ) Specialist Vascular Surgeon is available at Sobeh's medical center for treatment of spider veins and varicose vein with latest treatment technology.

KIMS Oman Hospital are offering Muscat Members the below discounts:

  • Discount in consultation - 15 %
  • Discount in Laboratory - 10 %
  • Free upgrade for delivery packages
  • Discount in radiology - 10 %
  • Discount in Room rent - 10%

KIMS Oman Hospital can provide free periodic health awareness session to the members on the below mentioned topics:

  • General Gynaecology
  • Women health care
  • Osteoporosis in women
  • Neonatal care
  • Importance of vaccinations
  • Antenatal classes- what to care, safe exercise
  • Healthy Diet in pregnancy
  • Healthy Diet for Children

KIMS Oman Hospital can offer exclusive antenatal sessions for a group of Muscat Mums members. 

Al Ahlam Training Services and Higher Education Services

15% discount on all psycho-educational services

Contact Massrat Shaikh on Telephone: 99044541 or email: massrat@ahlameducation.com. They are located at Villa 485, Way No 1007, off Seih Al Maleh Street, Qurum Block 210, Muscat, Oman

Hana Al Geilani, a Muscat Mum herself and a psychiatrist by profession at Top Medical Care, would like to offer a 10% discount exclusively to our members.
A lot of mums suffer from post natal anxiety and depression and sometimes children suffer from conditions such as autism , ADHD, learning difficulties and behavioral difficulties. she deals with all of the above as well as other mental health conditions. She's also trained in psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, couple therapy and other forms of therapy. 
The rates are as follows:
25 riyals per half an hour session (normal rate is 30 Riyals)
40 riyals per hour session (normal rate is 45 Riyals)

Telephone: 24511010 , 98132638

This offer is valid only until 12th October 2017

10% discount for Paediatric sleep services

Free registration for new clients and 10% discount on all services offered. 

Medical 5% discount cash payments;

Orthodontics 5% discount on consultations only (cash payments);

Physiotherapy 5% discount cash payments

 50% Discount on both Consultant and Specialist consultation charges.

 20% on all procedures and surgeries. 

 Discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offers. 

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