Table Lamps by Abu Habib. Usually priced at between 6-7 OR per lamp, Table Lamps are offering Muscat Mums an exclusive discount, a flat cost of 5 OR per lamp. For available designs, please follow them on their Instagram: table.lamps or call Abu Habib on +968 99214661. 

10% discount when purchasing 2 or more children's books. All books have been hand picked for ages 0-10 years old. They can also order in a specific book if you require. 

Contact them via their Facebook page or by calling 91193849.

OFFER 1 : 1 book free for every 3 books purchased (The free book would be the least priced book among the 4 selected books).

OFFER 2 : 3 books(of 500bz - 1 riyal) free for customers who purchase 10 books per month

OFFER 3 : Free book reading sessions once a week (Mums can volunteer to read for the sessions)

10% off store products 

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