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Muscat Mums is run entirely by volunteers and many of them take up more than one role within the organisation.  Here is a short introduction by each coordinator to give you an idea of their background and experience at Muscat Mums. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the roles please do let us know as there are always opportunities coming up as mums move country or their children grow up. 


Hi everyone ! I'm Deeksha. Born & brought up in Delhi, I've been in Muscat from 4 years and have a son who's about an year and a half old.
My background is law and auditing and I was working with the biggest tourism development company in Oman. I've currently taken a break to be with my son Vivaan and working as a freelance consultant.
Motherhood is tough & all mums need support. Muscat Mums has helped several mums to settle in and make friends for themselves and their little ones. It's a fantastic group  for all mums and I hope you too will enjoy being part of this.

Vice Chair Mayyada

Financial Officer

Hi! I'm Mikaela.  I arrived in Muscat April 2016, moving from Cornwall in the UK. I have 3 children, Oli who's 4 (Oct 2012), Belle who's 3 (Oct 2013) and Lotte (March 2017). As a family we're new to expat life and are enjoying every second of it.  Muscat is great and we are discovering new things all the time. I joined Muscat Mums pretty much as soon as we arrived and its been fab!  Most of my friends here I've met through MM. I took on the roll of Bumps and Babes coordinator March 2017 (when Alisons son graduated to Scallys).  I also took on the role of Financial Officer Feb 2017.  

Board Secretary 

Position Vacant

Business Partner Coordinator

Hi I am Cassie. I am an Indian, however I have been in Oman since my childhood going back and forth to India for studies and then finally settled in here, found a job, husband and have a beautiful girl who is 4 years old. I joined MM after I had my baby. I found it such a great support system to help me with all my new mother questions, doubts and worries. The mums come out to help me  like I am family. I was working until my daughter turned 1 after which I quit and decided to stay home with her. I did have time on my hands after she started play school and thought this was perfect timing to give back to MM all that I have received and volunteer for the community. I am the night out and business partner coordinator and I love doing this! I have been involved in this role close to 2 years. And part of MM for close to 4 years.

Business Partner Coordinator

Hey everyone, I'm Pavithra, a full time mum to my 3 year old boy. I'm originally from the South of India but have lived in the Middle East for most part of my life. It's been 4 years since I've moved to Muscat and I'm thoroughly enjoying life here. I became a member of Muscat Mum when I was pregnant and this has been a blessing for me and my son. I took over as a Business Partner coordinator last year as a way to give back to this group. I've been actively participating and most of the events and play dates and hope to continue contributing to this fab group!

Breastfeeding Support Coordinator

Hi I' m Anne, I am french-portuguese and I arrived in Muscat nearly 4 years ago. I have a 4 year old son. We love living in Oman, which we call home after many years of living abroad in exciting but hard countries lik Gabon, Madagascar, Domincan Republic and Angola. I have been a member of MM since I arrived here.
As I am a breastfeeding counselor I volunteered to be Breastfeeding support group coordinator since last year and happy to share my experience supporting breastfeeding families.

Out of the Blues Coordinator

Hi there, my name is Sharee. I am an Australian mum who has been living abroad for 8 years (4 in Dubai, 4 in Muscat). I have 2 boys under 7. My background is HR and administration and I also have a BA in Psychology. I run Muscat Out if the Blues coffee morning meet ups. Out of the Blues is a peer support group for mums suffering with post natal illnesses (depression / anxiety etc). The group originated in Dubai, however as I was moving to Oman I liased with the founder and asked if I could bring it here also. We now have meet ups all over the GCC.

Website Coordinator

Hello! I am Eline and I have been living in Muscat since September 2017. This is my first experience living abroad and so far I am really enjoying living here. I come from the Netherlands and have my own business in Holland. My son is born in the beginning of 2018, during my pregnancy I became already a member of Muscat Mums. This has given me the chance to get to know other woman and to share experiences about giving birth in Muscat. 

Event Coordinator

Hi, I'm Reshmi and I moved to Muscat in 2016. I was born and raised in the UK and I am originally of Bangladeshi descent. I got married in 2014 to my Australian husband, moved from London to Sydney, then relocated to Muscat soon afterwards. We have been blessed to become parents to a beautiful daughter who is now 6 months old. I have only just discovered Muscat Mums and wish I had sooner! I think it's great that we have this support network. I'm really looking forward to meeting other mums and for my baby to interact with other bubbas too! I have jumped right in and have taken on the role of an events coordinator and I am really excited about future events.

Cakes and Bakes Library Coordinator

Hi all, my name is Victoria and I am the Cakes and Bakes Library coordinator. We have been to Muscat for 3 years now but have previously lived in London and Moscow.

 I am a mum of 4 children under 7 and a keen cook and baker (when I get a spare half an hour!).

My background is in Finance and Business Development but I have taken a career diversion since having my first son ;).

Rugrats Coordinator

Hey! I’m Leila and am the new Rug Rats coordinator. I’m a Jordanian – Serbian married to a Turkish – American. Simply we are the “Hybrid family”  We moved to Muscat in Nov. 2015 and I Joined MM as soon as I arrived to Oman. I have a 20 month Scallywag daughter. I believe the MM community is great to anyone who is trying to socialize and have such a strong support system in their lives.

Toy Library Coordinator

Hello, I'm Anette! I'm from South Africa and have been living in Oman for about 4 years. I'm a mummy to a cute, busy boy called Riley. I'm so happy I joined the group, it gave me the opportunity to meet some amazing mummies and their babies. Muscat Mums has so much to offer that its impossibl not to love it. And now, as a way to say thank you, I would like to try my best to help where I can. 

Toy Library Coordinator & Cheeky Monkeys

I'm Helen and have been in Muscat for more than 4 years and an active member of Muscat mums since my second week here. I have 2 boys, currently aged 4 and a scallywag aged 1.5. In our spare time we love to get out and about exploring Oman 
I am currently coordinating Cheeky Monkeys after a while scallywags. Hopo to meet you at one of our meetings! 

Large Toy Library Coordinator

I am Amna from Pakistan.. Moved to Oman back in 2012 and since then it’s been like a second home. I am mother to 3 boys, Eesa (5), Yahya (3) and Zakaria (2).Been part of Muscat Mums community for the past 6 years and it’s been an amazing experience..
Recently I took over the  coordinatorship of the Large Toys Library.I felt it’s time to payback to Muscat Mums by taking a responsibility and being of help to other mums

Baby Gear Library Coordinator

I'm Funda, the baby gear library coordinator. I'm from Turkey and I have been living in Muscat since August 2015. I lived in Kazakhstan and Qatar before. I have a daughter who is almost 1.5 years old. I am a secondary school mathematics teacher, but I have taken a break from full time working since my daughter was born. I have been a member of Muscat mums since I arrived here and recently taken the role of baby gear library coordinator.

Bumps & Babes

Hello, my name is Amber.  I’m originally from the US but have been living abroad since 2005 in great locations such as Australia, London, Malaysia, and most recently Manchester, UK.  I have a Cheeky Monkey and a Babe and have been in Muscat since July 2017.  I joined Muscat Mums and became a coordinator pretty quickly as I believe the best way to settle into a new place is to jump right in to help out.  We love how calm life is here and are enjoying meeting new people!

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