Meet our Team

Muscat Mums is run entirely by volunteers and many of them take up more than one role within the organisation.  Here is a short introduction by each coordinator to give you an idea of their background and experience at Muscat Mums. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the roles please do let us know as there are always opportunities coming up as mums move country or their children grow up. 


Hi, I’m Ellie and I made the move to Muscat in September 2019 with my husband, Danny, and our daughter Emma who is 2 (born Dec 2017). We moved from Manchester (UK) but I am originally from Brighton by the south coast and this is our first experience of living as expats. Prior to being a stay at home mum with Emma I worked full time within marketing and events, so not only has it been an adjustment to living in a new country but I am also getting used to negotiating with my toddler on a daily basis rather than having conference calls and meetings.

 I discovered the Muscut Mum's community online before even moving out to Oman as I was keen to know what groups there were for Emma and I to join and this one has been invaluable and I have met some really lovely and friendly people through it. I’m looking forward to taking on the vice chair position and providing my input into Muscat Mums to encourage other parents to join this amazing support network.

Financial Officer

Hi! I'm Mikaela.  I arrived in Muscat April 2016, moving from Cornwall in the UK. I have 3 children, Oli 7 (Oct 2012), Belle 6 (Oct 2013) and Lottie 3 (March 2017). As a family we're new to expat life and are enjoying every second of it.  Muscat is great and we are discovering new things all the time. I joined Muscat Mums pretty much as soon as we arrived and its been fab!  Most of my friends here I've met through MM. 

I have been the co-ordinator for all age groups over the last 3 years, cakes and bakes, Financial Officer, Chair and now back to FO. 

Vice Chair



Hi, I’m Anna. I’ve lived in Muscat since 2013. I’m British and my husband is Omani so as a family we have a big connection to this beautiful country. My daughter was born here in 2015 and I joined Muscat Mums when she was about 6 months old and have loved it ever since. I’ve made great friends along the way and it has been more than a lifeline in adapting to my new life. I’ve helped out in various areas, but now I’m the Treasurer.

Board Secretary 

Reshmi - more info coming soon!

Business Partner Coordinator

Hi I am Cassie. I am an Indian by birth, but Omani by heart since I was raised here. I was in India for a brief period of time during my graduate studies but Oman beckoned me back. This is where I have worked, found the love of my life - my husband and was blessed with two beautiful children - a precious little girl, age 7 and a cheeky little boy who is 16 months old.

I joined Muscat Mums after I had my first baby. I was a new mum and like any new mum I had lots of questions, doubts and worries and in MM I found my support system to help me with it all. The mums in the group helped me and encouraged me like I was family.

I was a working mum till my daughter was a year old after which I quit and decided to stay at home to be with her. It was when she joined play school that I had time on my hands and thought that it was the perfect moment to give back to MM for all the amazing support that I had received and volunteer for the community. I am currently the business partner coordinator and I love my role! I have been involved in this close to 4 years, having been a member of MM for close to 6 years.

Business Partner Coordinator

Hey everyone, I'm Pavithra, a full time mum to my 3 year old boy. I'm originally from the South of India but have lived in the Middle East for most part of my life. It's been 4 years since I've moved to Muscat and I'm thoroughly enjoying life here. I became a member of Muscat Mum when I was pregnant and this has been a blessing for me and my son. I took over as a Business Partner coordinator last year as a way to give back to this group. I've been actively participating and most of the events and play dates and hope to continue contributing to this fab group!

Bulletin Coordinator

I'm Ayshe. I moved to Muscat in 2014 as a newly-wed. Having grown-up and lived most of my life in London, Muscat was a very different change of pace. I learned to appreciate the outdoors though, and picked up diving as a hobby.

I became mummy to Aydin in 2016, and have been a Muscat Mums member since. These days my free time is spent on quieter pursuits (mostly reading and cooking).  

Bumps and Babes Coordinator

Bumps and Babes coordinator, Lucy, hails from the UK and has beautiful twin boys Tom and Oli. We moved to Oman last year and have been a member of Muscat Mums since week 1! We enjoy exploring Muscat and finding fun new places to hang out that are baby friendly. Bumps and Babes meets every week on Tuesday mornings.

We split our time between the Wave and Qurum ends of town. Every week we go somewhere different - parks, beaches, coffee shops, soft plays and more. We also enjoy a good mums night out- come join us!

Scallywags Coordinator

Hi my name is Liz and I have an 18 month old son Kieran (Sept 2018) and a new baby on the way in the summer.

I have been living and working in the Middle East for 15 years, moving to Oman to be a stay at home mum whilst pregnant 2 years ago now. Moving to Muscat whilst pregnant and knowing very few people, I found it challenging to meet new people until I started attending Bumps and Babes meet-ups. From there I’ve made many wonderful friends and was keen to play an active role in continuing this great set-up. Outside of being a mum, I love to travel, enjoy sports including netball and hockey and am also a keen (if messy) baker!

Cheeky Monkeys Coordinator

Hey, I'm Sara and I am the cheeky monkeys coordinator, I am also the mum of two kids: Xafer who's Two and a half years old and Jasmine who is six months old.

We came into this beautiful country in Jan 2019 and since then I'm the happiest because my son gets to be on fun playdates and make the most of his childhood rather than watching tv all day.

I'm super glad to be a part of Muscat Mums  and I am always looking forward to making new friends and to letting our little ones socialize and be active, make sure you join us on our next adventure!

Adventurers & Muscateers Coordinator

Hi mums, my name is Claire and I first arrived in Muscat in August 2016, pregnant with my daughter. Muscat Mums has been a fantastic network in putting us in touch with all the right experts and helping us find our feet and out friends in Muscat. 

My husband and I have in a few places including his homeland, New Zealand. I have a small translation company in the UK. As a working parent I coordinate the weekend activities for the Adventurers (0-5 years) and the Muscateers (5+).

Breastfeeding Support Coordinator

Hi I' m Anne, I am french-portuguese and I arrived in Muscat in 2013. I have two boys, a 7 and a 2 year old. I love living in Oman, which we call home after many years of living abroad in exciting but hard countries like Gabon, Madagascar, Dominican Republic and Angola. I have been a member of MM since I arrived here.

I have been coordinator of the Breastfeeding support group since 2015, happily sharing my experience as breastfeeding mother with other mums . Peer support was so important in the breastfeeding journey that I became lactation counselor after I resigned from my position as Hse manager.

Out of the Blues Coordinator

Hi there, my name is Sharee. I am an Australian mum who has been living abroad for 8 years (4 in Dubai, 4 in Muscat). I have 2 boys under 7. My background is HR and administration and I also have a BA in Psychology. I run Muscat Out if the Blues coffee morning meet ups. Out of the Blues is a peer support group for mums suffering with post natal illnesses (depression / anxiety etc). The group originated in Dubai, however as I was moving to Oman I liased with the founder and asked if I could bring it here also. We now have meet ups all over the GCC.

Multiples and mores coordinator

This is Anusya. I am the multiples and mores coordinator. I have a set of boy/girl twins myself who are two years old now. I have been living in Oman for the last 12 years. 

I love photography, and before the twins that was keeping me busy. Looking forward to meeting more mums of twins and sharing stories. 

Book Library & Baby Wearing Group Coordinator

Hi, my name is Anna, I am from Scotland but was actually born in NZ. I moved to Muscat 1.5 years ago just before having my daughter, Sofia. I have also lived in Singapore and Abu Dhabi before moving here.

Muscat Mums has been an amazing resource for me as a new mum and a great way to meet other mums. I look forward to coordinating the Book Library and Baby wearing group and meeting lots of new faces!

Book Library Coordinator


Cakes and Bakes Library Coordinator


Toy Library Coordinator

Howdy! I'm Jenny and I co-run the toy library with Denise (see below) and am very happy to be able to help out in this terrific service. Our goal is to provide MMs a way to help enrich, entertain, and most of all, distract their little ones through the magic of new-to-them toys. I am mom to a very spirited toddler named River and a newborn named Zoe, who was delivered here. We’ve been in Muscat since September 2018 and I’ve been a MM member since October 2018. I am Vietnamese-American, born and raised in Houston, TX and have a background in Architecture. I appreciate the creative arts, and love cooking and trying new recipes, so please let me know if you have any great ones! I also love traveling with my family but we’re still learning (through trial and error) how to do it seamlessly. I look forward to supporting Muscat Mums and this wonderful community! Hope to meet you soon.

Toy Library Coordinator

Hello! My name is Denise and I co-coordinate the Toy Library with Jenny! Though I am Chinese-Filipino, I spent the majority of my childhood in Japan and most of my adulthood in the USA. I recently moved to Muscat nine months ago, from teaching in Sohar to becoming a full-time mommy.

We have been very fortunate to have lots of support through my husband’s family. They have allowed us to continue saving the world through Pandemic or conquering the lands of Catan, some of our favorite board games. I also enjoy eating out or making a mess in the kitchen. I look forward to meeting you all!

Baby Gear Library Coordinator

I'm Funda, the baby gear library coordinator. I'm from Turkey, and I have been living in Muscat since August 2015. I lived in Kazakhstan and Qatar before. I have two daughters first born on July 2015 and second on December 2017.

I am a secondary school mathematics teacher, but I have taken a break from full time working since my first daughter was born. I have been a member of Muscat mums since I arrived here and taken the role of baby gear library coordinator on October 2016.

Large Toy Library Coordinator

Hi, I’m Kim the co-ordinator of the Large Toy Library for Muscat Mums. I am originally from South Africa but have lived in Perth Australia for the past 9 years. I met my husband in Aus and we had our first child there. We moved to Muscat in October 2019 and are enjoying this adventure so far.

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