Become a Volunteer

There is great satisfaction in giving back to your community. At Muscat Mums we have a large and lively team of coordinators all making their invaluable contributions in different ways. Being a coordinator allows you to meet people and integrate in a way you wouldn't likely otherwise. A few minutes of your time each week can be very rewarding.  

What we ask:

- Checking the Google email account at least every two days to answer member questions

- Welcoming new members into the community and making sure they feel at home

- Updating the group Facebook page with pictures from meetings and group announcements

In addition, specific tasks include:

Play & Support Group Coordinators

- Updating events weekly

- Finding willing hosts for at least a month in advance

Library Coordinators

- Storing library items

- Managing repairs or cleaning (at a cost not exceeding income)

- Buying and selling items to keep libraries fresh and up to date

- Updating and hosting monthly meetings

- Manage item reservations

- Email monthly income/expense report to accounts

What we offer in return:

- A fellowship of dedicated moms all working to make Muscat a better place for our kids

- Free membership for one year or if you have already paid, OR 10 credit towards any party tickets

- Free rental from all libraries (refundable deposits must still be paid)

- An opportunity to keep your CV active particularly if you volunteer as a member of the board.

How to apply: 

Please email and mention the position you are interested in.

Positions currently vacant:

Chair: Manage day to day running of Muscat Mums, oversee play groups / libraries and ensure they are running smoothly, manage email and social media accounts alongside Vice Chair. Requires someone with a passion for Muscat Mums and everything we do; you should be self-motivated, outgoing, determined, well organised and a planner.

Toy Library Coordinator: You should have adequate room in your home to store all toys. Toy library is held on a monthly basis and therefore your should be able to host this in your home. You will need to plan and coordinate the meet accordingly, update the events calendar and check emails / manage toy reservations.

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